Integrated Design

At a minimum the design team includes an architect or building designer and an interior designer.  On some projects it will may also include a structural engineer and landscape architect.  The architect or building designer steers the entire design stage of the project, with support from the rest of the design team.  Chuckanut Builders primary role throughout the design process is to provide cost and buildablilty feedback to the client and design team.

The outcome of integrated design is a buildable set of plans, resulting in fewer changes during construction, reduced construction cost, reduced design cost.  We all too often hear about home owners that send out a very detailed set of plans to bid, only to realize that the project greatly exceeds their budget.  They home owners then have to go back to the design phase, essentially starting over.  Integrated design truly can create a less expensive finished project, in less time.

Because we regularly work with the same small group of designers we have great working relationships and can help clients chose the right designer for their project.