El Sueñito

El Sueñito Previous Next Architect: UrbanaddLocation: Bellingham, WAPhotographer: Chris DiNottia Background El Sueñito translates to 'little dream' in Spanish. Walk into the space and you'll see why. Everyone at El Sueñito is…

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Corephysio Previous Next Architect: RMC ArchitectsDesigner: Spiral Design StudiosLocation: Bellingham, WAPhotographer: Chris DiNottia Background There are few buildings in Bellingham that are as iconic as the old Skippers building. The…

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Pure Bliss Desserts

Pure Bliss Desserts Previous Next Designer: [bundle] design studioInterior Design: Spiral Design StudiosCustom Cabinets: Smith and Vallee WoodworksLocation: Downtown Bellingham Photographer: Chris DiNottia Background Pure Bliss Desserts is well loved in the community,…

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Camber Previous Next Designer: [bundle] design studioInterior design: Spiral Design StudiosCustom cabinets: Smith and Vallee WoodworksLocation: Downtown Bellingham, WA Photographer: Chris DiNottia Background When our clients found the location that…

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3 Oms Yoga Studio

3 Oms Yoga Studio Previous Next Building Designer: Armadillo Design Lab Location: Downtown BellinghamPhotographer: Damian Vines Photography Background Amy Robison, the owner of 3 Oms Yoga Studio, contacted us in the summer…

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Birthroot Birth Center

Birthroot Birth Center Previous Next Designer: Luther Allen, UnCommon Sense DesignCustom Cabinets: Smith and Vallee WoodworksLocation: Broadway Neighborhood, Bellingham Photographer: Chris DiNottia Background The Birthroot Midwives purchased the old MJB Jewelers…

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Dashi Noodle Bar

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Dashi Noodle Bar Previous Next Location: Downtown BellinghamPhotographer: Chuckanut Builders Background When the owners of Dashi Noodle Bar found this space they had a vision of creating an energetic restaurant that invited folks to…

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