What we do

We are a Bellingham-based general contractor. Our favorite projects are residential remodeling & new construction projects in Bellingham’s core neighborhoods. In addition, we renovate boutique, commercial & tenant improvement projects. On all of our projects we focus on building durability and occupant health. We do this by using high performance building methods; selecting authentic, durable materials; and using time tested building techniques. 

Building high performance green homes is both a craft and a science. Our crew has spent years perfecting the craft of building homes, utilizing both time tested building methods and innovative techniques.

Remodeling homes is a very personal process. We understand that. We’ll focus on your goals for the space, ensuring that the end product will meet your needs and align with your values.

We love building community and renovating functional, beautiful spaces. Tenant improvement & light commercial projects allow us to do both, simultaneously.

In keeping with the ethos of our larger projects, our skilled carpentry projects focus on durability, occupant health, and comfort.

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