Siding repair work

At Chuckanut Builders, our bread and butter projects are major remodels for homes and commercial buildings. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to assemble a crew of talented, proficient carpenters who, on occasion, have time to complete smaller, skilled carpentry projects such as replacing siding and rebuilding decks. Whereas our larger projects are scheduled with a firm timeline, we fit these smaller projects in as the calendar allows. Because of this, we do not take on projects of an urgent nature; skilled carpentry projects are often tentatively scheduled 6-12 months in advance.

In keeping with the ethos of our larger projects, our skilled carpentry projects focus on durability, occupant health and comfort. The short of it is this: if you want a skilled carpenter from Chuckanut Builders to complete your project and you’re not in a hurry, we’d be happy to help.  

Siding replacement

Maintaining the siding of your home isn’t nearly as exciting as, say, remodeling your kitchen or adding a second story addition, but it is an essential component that helps to ensure the durability of your home and protect your indoor air quality.

Cork and exterior siding details

Bellingham gets roughly 35 inches of rain a year. That’s a lot of rain. And, as most homeowners in Bellingham know, rain is hard on the exterior of a home. Wind driven rain can get behind siding, causing mold and rot. In turn, this can lead to indoor air quality issues and impact the durability of a home. The best-case scenario is to catch water damage early and fix it quickly. That doesn’t always happen because water damage isn’t always immediately visible. Siding repair projects vary greatly in scope, from selectively replacing damaged siding or exterior trim to overhauling the whole exterior of the home (removing all of the siding, adding a weather resistive barrier and exterior insulation, and installing new siding).


Decks have a hard life in the Pacific Northwest, especially if they are uncovered. If your deck is failing, we can help. Our carpenters use time-tested building techniques and high quality, durable materials to ensure your deck can better endure the elements. In addition to durability, we can suggest materials that are low maintenance because we know folks would rather spend time enjoying their deck than maintaining it.

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