The first step in an integrated design process is gathering the team as early as possible. This includes everyone that will be involved in the project from the design phase to construction to the actual day-to-day operations. We think it’s crucial that the team get together early. The core players are the general contractor, interior designer, and architect or building designer. On some projects specialists need be called, such as a structural engineer, landscape architect or HVAC specialists. 

There are many benefits of integrated design
  • Cost control- We provide buildability feedback and discuss the cost implications of design choices. There is a potential that this will lead to major cost savings without compromising on materials or finishes. On most project we provide preliminary pricing early in the design stage. This helps prevent designing a building that is over budget and potentially needs to be redesigned.
  • Conventional design and planning often fails to recognize that buildings are a large, complex system. Failing to do so can result in solving one problem while causing another. We bring our subcontractors in early in the process. This ensures that all of the systems work together. This results in a durable, efficient, lower maintenance home.
  • Integrated design can require more time on the front-end. It’s worth it. Major design decisions are made ahead of time, which resulting in a faster, smoother and less stressful project. In addition, less design is done in the field and fewer changes are made during construction. This results in few changes orders and less frustration.