The simplest way to explain our approach to design is this: we help you find the right people early on and they stay with you throughout the project. We do this by using an integrated design process.   Integrated design means that the general contractor, interior designer, and architect or building designer are involved from the beginning. On some projects specialists such as a structural engineer and landscape architect are needed as well.

As a general contractor our primary role throughout the design process is to provide cost and buildability feedback to the client and design team. Sara Tomczak, our in-house interior design project manager, is involved throughout the project, serving as both interior designer and assistant project manager. While traditional interior designers primarily select and specify materials, Sara will be involved throughout the project and ensure that all of the design details are correctly implemented.

Integrated design ensures that your budget is used wisely and reduces design and construction time.

We’ve found that using an integrated design process creates a smoother project, reducing potential mistakes and overall construction time because the small design team is accustomed to working together and are familiar with one another’s techniques and systems.

We recognize that the home building and remodeling process can be intimidating. To clarify the entire process we created a process flow chart that outlines who is involved, what their roles are and gives an overview of each phase of your project.  We’ve found that the flowchart is a great platform for starting conversations about what to expect, setting the groundwork for a great relationship by opening the lines of communication and establishing expectations early on.