Calling all carpenters

Posted by on Aug 24, 2018 in Opinions

We’re hiring! About us Chuckanut Builders is a Bellingham-based general contractor that specializes in custom, high performance projects. The majority of our projects are major residential remodels within Bellingham’s core neighborhoods, tenant improvement projects and custom green homes. We use an integrated design process and incorporate green building techniques and sustainable materials on all of […]

Yes on Initiative 1631

Posted by on Aug 22, 2018 in Opinions

We endorse Initiative 1631 We recently endorsed Initiative 1631. Initiative 1631 qualified for the ballot in July with the support of scientists, health professionals, environmental and clean energy advocates, businesses and working families. We’re excited, and hopeful, about this initiative. We’re hopeful because it will cut pollution, invest in clean energy infrastructure, healthy forests and clean […]

Building an ADU in Bellingham 101

Posted by on Jun 22, 2018 in Opinions

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have been a source of opinionated conversations in the Bellingham building community for the past few years, and for good reason. The Bellingham City Council recently approved all styles of ADUs in single family zones city-wide after a multi-year process of professional analysis, public comments, and planning committee meetings. Although this […]

Welcome Greta to the crew!

Posted by on Jun 13, 2018 in Opinions

Hiring is rarely a fast process at Chuckanut Builders. We put a lot of thought and energy into hiring and it shows. Our crew is awesome. We have narrowed in on a few details that make all the difference when hiring and cultivating a great crew. First and foremost is cultural fit. Closely followed by […]